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Healing Hearts Exhibit In September, 2017

Healing Hearts exhibit in September, 2017

MCA is once again hosting the Healing Hearts exhibit in September, 2017. This exhibit brings organizations who are a part of the Mental Wellness Coalition together with art created by their clients. These clients are working through mental and physical issues by creating their stories through art.

This year the art created by the Mental Wellness Coalition clients will be not only viewed by the public, but by clients of the Centers of the Blind as well, therefore requiring the art to be of a tactile nature.

We are asking our MCA member artists to clean out their studios and donate anything that could be used by the clients/artists: canvas, paints, string, fabrics, buttons, lids, glue, etc. These repurposed items will help the instructors and artists with their students’s/client’s creations.

For questions or further information, contact MCA Gallery Director, Paulette Millhorn by calling Call (352) 369-1500.

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