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champions, convenes and creates opportunity

for the arts and artists of Marion County


grants • community leadership • art interaction • fund development • partnerships


community • artists • businesses • art organizations • city/county

creates opportunities

funding • grants • economic development • education • gallery

champions, convenes and creates opportunity

for the arts and artists of Marion County


A “why?” campaign has already been initiated with sponsors
and donors. Those explanations of why the arts (and MCA)
matter should continue to be promoted to keep the work of
MCA personal and relevant.

arts are an equalizer

a community that emphasizes the arts has higher achieving
schools and a healthier business community

earth without “art” is “eh”

culture in a community increases  quality of  life


Donors (Champions)

Arts Champion – Annual Giving and Legacy Giving

• Friend ($25 to $999)

• Patron ($1,000 to $4,999)

• Chairman’s Club ($5,000 to $9,999)

• Founders Circle ($10,000 to $24,999)

• Benefactor ($25,000 and greater)

• Icon (Planned giving donors)

objective 1: provide arts leadership

Goals Due Committee
Establish the MCA Arts Action Council made of area arts leaders who meet regularly (e.g., monthly) to facilitate communication among arts organizations, foster collaboration, leverage resources, and reduces redundancy in services and scheduling 2016 Executive Public Affairs
  • Host roundtable discussions regarding critical cultural opportunities and solutions
  • Identify and connect local organizations with state and federal funding opportunities.
  • Develop, in conjunction with the City and County, a community cultural master plan to increase communication, collaboration, sharing of resources and mitigate scheduling conflicts among arts organizations.
  • Advocate for a dedicated funding source for public art projects (i.e., community improvement funds or impact fees).
  • Shared calendar and promotional arts “map”
MCA staff and board members represented on strategic city and council advisory boards (e.g., Mainstreet, MAX, FAFO, etc.) 2016 Board
Conduct workshops for artists to develop business acumen focusing on pricing, merchandising and marketing. 2016 Artist Outreach
Promote findings of the Economic Impact study to stakeholders in collaboration with the Arts Action Council. 2017 Communications

objective 2: expand funding for the arts and artists

Goals Due Committee
Recruit and retain board members who bring expertise, personal connections and diversity to the board with 100% board giving (50% increase in giving by 2017). Establish committees and committee descriptions. 2017 Nominating Executive
Form a development committee that encompasses representatives who oversee MCA events, annual and planned giving, and volunteers. Create and name different levels of giving and their benefits as part of donor relations. 2017 Executive Development
2020 Development Benchmarks:

  • 1,500 Donors/Members
  • $5 million endowment
  • $250,000 awarded annually in grants and awards, including 250 micro-grants through Four Friends
2020 Development
Increase amenities (e.g., technology) to enhance the value of ‘The Brick’ as a rental and retail venue that brings revenue both to MCA and artists. 2017 Board

objective 3: grow art audiences and support

Goals Due Committee
Develop diversified programming within The Brick. Promote all forms of art (i.e., “happy hours”, live performances, art studio space). 2017 Gallery Advisory Committee Executive
Research and develop innovative outreach tools such as community art maps/brochure/app that connects to a community arts calendar and unique arts in public places. 2017 Executive Communications
Develop a speakers bureau made up of board members and volunteers. 2020 Communications
Create an audience development program that connects artists and art opportunities to businesses, retirement communities, colleges and k-12/youth programs. 2017 Public Affairs / Communications
Add an artist/arts organization directory to the website as the primary tangible benefit of being an MCA “member” 2017 Communications
Grow core of altruists (volunteers) to support staff and create ambassadors for MCA 2017 Executive

marion cultural alliance vision 20/20

position Marion County to be an aspiration community on a national stage

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