In honor of the Leadership Legacy of Jim Copeland, Mack Dunwoody, E.L. Foster and an Anonymous Friend

Make a donation in honor someone who was always there for you,
just like the four friends were there for us and our community.

4 Friends Grant Eligibility Criteria

Eligibility Requirements

Individual artists, including arts educators, living and working in Ocala, Marion County, Florida

Current member of MCA

Applicant has not received a Four Friend Grant or a MCA Cultural Grant within the calendar year of the application

A final report on any prior Four Friends Grant Fund or a MCA Cultural grant was received by MCA

Eligible Projects

Applications may include requests for:

Registration costs for professional workshops or conferences

Artist residencies

Specialized equipment necessary for work

Fees for a professional consultant to learn to build business skills or for marketing a project

Grants DO NOT cover:

Offsetting costs for regular salary or substitute worker to enable other work to continue

General operating expenses

Matching funds for other grants

Funding for pursuit of an academic degree, certification, or continuing education

Application Process

Application may be made, online, at any time. The Chairman of the Four Friends Committee will convene the committee as per availability. Grant review and scoring may be conducted online or by other electronic means, if necessary.  At its discretion, the Committee may offer partial funding. 



  • Conferences, etc. should be documented as to structured/documented activities, and how the activity was selected by the applicant.
  • Please provide a budget including the total cost (travel, equipment, and other sources of funding)
  • Please attach your resume or CV here. If others are involved, attach a letter of commitment and support for the request


    I certify that the information contained in this application, including all attachments and support materials is true and correct to the best of my knowledge and that I will abide by all legal, financial, and reporting requirements, such as matching funds and final reports for all grants received by the organization.